Where to go for next holiday?

Where to go for next holiday?
When we like to spare a lot of money at holidays, we need to organize it several months ahead. Because of that we will be able to localize decent deals on flights, accommodation or trips in travel offices.


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But right now, because of really huge number of alternatives, it’s difficult to select some destination nice. When you like to have an ideal time you have to be aware, what is the most important for You.
go to big metropolis
The most popular idea is to travel for vacation to some resort close to the sea. Of course, this alternative is really great, but after few days beach could be not enough. People who wish to enjoy a tour around some interesting monuments need to choose a trip to some of European metropolis, situated near to the sea side. There’re plenty options this kind to check: Barcelona, Lisbon or Rome for instance. Each of those cities are old and beautiful, you’ll localize in each plenty of monuments. Also all of this capitals are linked with sea side very well. You just have to take a public transportation, and after few dozens of minutes you’ll be able to enjoy the beach. You may also book a room near the sea and just take couple of tours to the city center – it is up to you!
Great weekend in Scandinavia

Also very huge number of tourists does not care of the seaside and enjoying the weather. For them summer vacation is perfect occasion to see any decent, northern places, that are really cold during other part of the year.

Very nice example is Iceland, and Norway, cold but beautiful destinations with very friendly people and astonishing landscapes. Because of cheap airline companies you can go to each of those lands for a penny!