Visit the capital city of Poland

Visit the capital city of Poland
The capital city of Poland and the largest city of the nation is Warsaw. The town is situated in the central part of Poland, right on the side of the Vistula stream. It is the ninth largest capital city in the European Union. During warsaw sightseeing, it’s worth observing the most important places of the town that are the Royal Castle, King Sigsmund’s Column, promote Square and the Barbican.

The primary attractions in the main city of Poland, Warsaw

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While taking warsaw tour, the visitors should notice the strong influence of significant Polish residents which are popular around the planet and whose achievements are said at history classes in every country. The individuals are Marie Curie-Sklodowska as well as F. Chopin. The holidaymakers who do not love going to museums, art galleries and churches must go to the most interesting art gallery in Warsaw – Copernicus Science Centre that is a science gallery. There are shown over 450 interactive displays in six departments. The visit of the spot guarantees fun and knowledge in the same time. More information about warsaw tourist guide

The gallery established in an honor of good Polish pianist

Alternatively, there is a museum devoted to traditional musical and known Polish composer and piano player – Frederic Chopin – check it. His sounds is considered to be a work of art even today when different styles of sounds are popular. The art gallery is found in a charming residence known as Ostrogski Palace and it is opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 11am up to 8pm.