A few thoughts about promises I gave myself while still was a child

A few thoughts about promises I gave myself while still was a child
I can remember that when I was a kid I hated like my room. It seems to be perfect for some old lady. Not for that an amazing kid I was hoping to be back then. One of those things I very hated were wallpapers. I remember them extremely good – they were completely yellow with tiny pink spots on them. I disliked them so badly! They seemed to be so boring back then. I promised myself that when I am grown up and purchase my own apartment, I would make sure this is amazing. And that I would never use wallpapers at all.

Eventually, I did keep just the first promise. Not ‘cause the other one was not possible to keep. It was due to the fact because I didn’t wanna keep it. As the time was passing by, the way how wallpapers are design has also changed. They are not plain anymore – read something more about wallpaper. Actually, I have to say that they are extremely impressive. They are not plain with boring colors and simple patterns. Presently, they look a lot better than plenty of paintings. Photos on contemporary wallpapers look that attractive you wouldn’t believe this! Therefore, if you haven’t seen that yet, please search for it on the internet right now. I am convinced that they quite different that those wallpapers that you remember from your childhood.

Wallpaper Sailboat in the sea

Źródło: http://demural.co.uk

As I already mentioned, I did keep just 1 promise out of two that I gave to myself back then. At this moment, I have a very beautiful apartment. I made sure that this is modern and looks extremely good. Nonetheless, I have wallpapers on my walls. That might mean that I have brokem my 2nd promise. But actually, they are one of my favorite parts of my apartment. Thanks to them my house look so modern.

I have them all over my flat. Literally, in every single room. E.g., in my bathroom I have an amazing dandelions wallpaper. This really relaxes me and helps me to get calm in the evening. For my living room I choose one of those cities wallpaper. Thanks to that, I could feel like I am in Rome every time I stay in my apartment. I am not going to describe all of them in this brief text as it seems to be a little pointless. I believe you can find wallpaper you love if you only search for it. There are all of these patterns and photos you could imagine.