Where to fly for long weekend?

Where to fly for long weekend?
Year after year an idea of city break is becoming more popular among Polish travelers. Nowadays, we like to travel much more then just for summer holidays. That’s why, if longer weekend is arriving, we can use that fate to visit some interesting metropolis in Europe.

Which place is the best to be visited?
The capital of Netherlands is really popular nowadays, especially when plenty of Polish inhabitants transferred there for work. Amsterdam is very amazing city, with great landscape and a lot of extraordinary monuments. In there you’ll be able to go to Red Light District, that is totally legal in that country. In there you may see pretty women standing by the window and looking for new clients. Another decent spot to observe is Rijskmuseum, some of the largest art gallery in whole planet. It’s popular mostly because of Dutch artists, like Rembrandt, van Delft and also Bosch. If you are interested in history you shouldn’t miss a trip to Ann Frank’s House. It is a place, where this brave child used to hide from Nazis during the past war. But even regular walk trough the vintage area of an Amsterdam is amazing experience. Whole city is packed with nice bridges, placed above wide river.

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Next interesting metropolis in to travel to will be Budapest. This Hungarian place is packed with amazing buildings, designed in many various styles. First of all you’ve to for a tour to the old town, with beautiful Royal Castle situated on a big mountain.

It used to be a main house of Hungarian overlords, now most of the chambers are opened for guests. Next nice building in that area of city is Fisherman Tower, great instance of Romanesque Revival architecture.