Great locations for a romantic journey

Autor: Mekanoide
If you look for an idea, to which place take your second half, this article is for you. In eextremely city in the world you could find some romantic Spots. Nevertheless, some of them are literally filled with them!

Destinations that everybody should visit at least one time in their lifetime

Autor: Bernal Saborio
There are tons of extremely gorgeous places in the world. An average person has no chance to see all of them. However, there are some destinations that should be seen at least once in a lifetime.

Cities that are just perfect to take your parents for a trip

Autor: Elliott Brown
There is a time in people’s lives, when they wanna thank their parents for all of those things they have done for us. In such moments, it may be quite difficult to find a good gift. But we have a perfect idea – why not to take your parents for unforgettable holidays?

Trip within Old Continent for a penny

Autor: Jose Monsalve 2
After Poland became part of EU, plenty of things had change. Not only a lot of borders start to be open for us, also, we are able to travel for a penny. All of that because of cheap airline companies, which begun to open new lines from our land. Here are several interesting alternatives for you.

Vacations in metropolis? Try one of these

Autor: Daniel Jolivet
A lot of Polish people, ant to have a long weekend out of city, mainly in time of the summer. When you are one of them, you have to consider city break option. It is really great idea for all of us, who don't have plenty of days to travel, but who like to visit some fascinating places. Here are some options accurate for plenty of travelers.

Good concept for longer weekend

Autor: Duca
Nowadays, people from our country are touring more then before. We are going to distant lands and countries situated nearby. All because of cheap airline companies, which started to open flights in here, when we became part of EU. If you are planning your holidays, but you cannot afford a lot of days off at labor, you should consider to take a city break.

Vintage factories in our country for businessmen to rent

industrial park in poland
Autor: Bill Reynolds
Poland is very old are with interesting history. A lot of our largest towns, such as Wroclaw or Lodz, use to be home for relevant businessmen, which were producing plenty of goods for purchase.

How to benefit from all of the chances provided currently for people, who would declare some interest in the area of tourism?

Autor: Michael Coghlan
Improving percentage of people these days are interested in travelling. Visiting new places, new countries as well as seeing everything we have always wanted to see on our own eyes is known to be an interesting experience that can widen our horizons, as we can confront our opinions and imaginations with the reality.

What are the elements that have contributed the most to the development of the field of trade as well as its intensification currently?

Autor: Stan Dalone & Miran Rijavec
Obtaining foreign commodities has never been so simply available. In fact, although we might be unaware of it, we may acquire only solutions made by producers from abroad, starting from food and finishing on clothes. It is connected with the fact that we live in such times, where the rivalry on miscellaneous markets has become almost global.

Storm in Poland – as expected as summer break. Why repeatedly July and August?

Autor: Ryan Hallock
July and August are joyful months for children in Poland when they check the date. With the end of June they begin the summer vacation. For their guardians it is lazy period too – they constantly take a break in their activity cause it is marvelous occasion to use break in Poland. There is only one unknown – weather.
That voiced pair of the months are the moment, when in Poland happens the highest temperature is very hot.