Choose perfect destination for future holidays

Choose perfect destination for future holidays
Right now when we wish to spend holidays abroad, a lot more difficulties we have with selecting one of many destinations, than to collect the funds for it. That is why it’s good to know about latest trends in tourist business.

Here’re couple of hot destinations, which are very famous among Polish tourists.
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Tropical resorts


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Most of last minute offers for summer are about destinations situated in the south part of continent. Nothing surprising in that, because we all want to appreciate nice weather on some paradise beach. Of you want to enjoy it as well, and also to see some amazing monuments, you better choose one of Greek isles. Most of those may provide you amazing, ancient ruins and nice conditions for travelers. Another great idea is to visit Italian islands, Sicilia or Sardinia. Each is perfect if you like to enjoy vacations in a small but lovely village, adapted for tourists very well.

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Northern destinations
Summer vacation is either ideal moment if you want to explore places, which for long period of time are cold. That’s why year after year last minute options to Scandinavia are getting much more common. There are a lot of phenomenal regions to see in this lands, that are not similar to another, western countries for example. In Iceland you will be astonished by breathtaking landscapes and lovely architecture of the towns. Norway is the perfect place to see very old fjords and appreciate some tasty meals.

You cannot also forget about Finland, which were selected as “the finest place to live in” last year. The best climate is in Sweden and Denmark, which are situated really near to the Polish shore. Finest moment to visit Scandinavia is July and August.