Enjoy vacations in central Asia

Enjoy vacations in central Asia
Most of us are longing entire year for vacations, to take a break from work and visit any fascinating country. Because of small airline companies, we got plenty options to select, not only within Europe, but whole world.

Since 2017 new connections are available, to central Asia. When you have never visited there, you have to do it this year, plenty of great attractions are waiting there for tourists.
Doesn’t matter if you choose Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan trips like that will be much cheaper for you, when you begin to plan it six month earlier. Cause at the beginning of the year, you’re able to book first minute options in small airline carriers. Also, vacations could be even cheaper when you take just carry on baggage, without checked one, which is payable. It should be enough valise for you, it fit plenty of clothes and also any cosmetics. Beside, you may find accommodation online, when you use one of international booking pages.
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There are plenty of interesting places in central Asia, for instance Bishkek Vacation in that city will be amazing, you will take a walk among amazing, Muslim churches in the old town, or you will enjoy modern skyscrapers in the new town. Also, you can see in there excellent pieces of Social realism art. Between Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, Aral Sea is located. It was large lake, but now it is divided for several, smaller parts. All thanks to global warming, you have to take a cruise in there, before it’s too late. Doesn’t matter which country in there you will visit, do not forget to taste regional cuisine, in some restaurant in there.

Each person want to organize next vacations, but sometimes we can have a difficult time to be aware where to travel. If you either have an issue with that, you better travel to central Asia. Cheap airline tickets are available, also accommodation is in well price. Also, you’ll find in there plenty interesting spots.